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A brick to create your model with properties and all the supporting methods, copyWith, to/from json, equatable and more!

0.3.7(3 months ago)7211

A brick to create a feature using best practices and your state management of choice!

0.5.1(last month)5236

A brick to create your UI package that holds all your app's Colors, Typography, Layout, Theme, and more!

0.0.4(3 months ago)4502

An example brick.

0.1.0+1(5 months ago)3526

A brick to create Clean Architecture Folders.

0.1.0+2(4 months ago)3214

A generic feature template with BLoC and Route

0.2.0(2 months ago)1938

A brick that simplifies generating Github actions for Dart/Flutter monorepos

0.0.12(3 weeks ago)1903

A brick to produce boilerplate code for new feature using riverpod

0.1.0+4(3 months ago)1872

A Simple Greeting Template

0.1.0+2(5 months ago)1812

A brick to create your service and interface with your defined methods. With optional singleton handling!

0.0.4(3 months ago)1774