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A script runner for mason.

0.1.0+1(last month)2

A brick to produce boilerplate code for new feature using mobx and getit

0.1.0+1(last month)2

Generate rivdepod 2.0, retrofit, json model

0.1.0+2(last month)2

Go router with flutter.

0.1.0+1(last month)1

Starter template for a complete nyxx bot with docker-compose.

0.1.0(last week)1

A REST endpoint template for Dart Frog.

0.1.0+1(3 weeks ago)1

Brick for the simple creating repositories and tests for them.

0.1.0+2(2 weeks ago)1

A brick to produce boilerplate code for a riverpod statenotifierprovider..

0.1.0+1(last week)1

In app update with flutter.

0.1.0+1(last month)1

Google ads with flutter.

0.1.0+1(last month)0