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144 bricks found.


A brick to create a new page in the Flutter app.

1.3.0(last week)774

A new brick created with the Mason CLI.

0.1.0+1(3 months ago)706

A brick to create Clean Architecture Folders.

0.1.0+2(last week)703

Generate a new Flutter feature with bloc. Built for the bloc state management library.

0.2.0(last week)690

Generate a model that uses freezed and json_serializable

0.1.0+1(3 months ago)653

A brick to setup widgetbook for a Flutter app.

0.1.0+2(2 weeks ago)608

Generate a new cubit in Dart. Built for the bloc state management library with freezed.

1.0.0(2 months ago)599

Flutter project boilerplate

0.1.7(3 weeks ago)574

A fork of the Core Very Good Flutter App without multiple environments.

0.0.1(3 months ago)547

A simple go_router brick

0.4.1(2 months ago)538